Western Auto Body and Fiberglass Repair, LLC. aka Western Auto Body of Harrison is proudly owned by Daniel and Kristina Jordan. It is located on the Harrison, OH/West Harrison, IN border. Formerly named Western Auto Body and Marine Repair, established in 1970. 


While our focus is now on automobiles, we still repair fiberglass marine bodies. As always, quality repairs are our priority.  We are a family-owned business and repair each vehicle as if it were owned by our family. Repairs are completed to manufacturer's standards. We will not use low-quality parts on your vehicle or take shortcuts as told to do by insurance companies. Direct repair shops/preferred body shops work for insurance companies, so they cannot work for you. It will not cost you more money to take your vehicle to a shop "out of network." You pay for insurance in order to restore your vehicle back to its original condition after damage occurs, and that is what we do.  You are our customer and it is your vehicle, so we repair it the way you want.

Most people that walk in our door need auto body repairs, but we have many customers with different needs. Custom painting and installation of accessories/aftermarket parts are completed for those who want to improve their vehicle or personalize it. Vehicles are expensive these days, some costing as much as a house, so we are happy to make people proud of what they drive. According to AAA, Americans spend an average of 293 hours a year driving. While some many not have the passion for cars that we do, your vehicle is still an important investment.